Mail Order Enrollment Instructions for Kroger, PPS

Kroger offers two convenient ways for members to enroll in mail order for prescription drugs

Kroger Mail Order option 1: Calling into Zing Customer Service

  • Members can contact Customer Service at 1-866-946-4458 and request assistance with mail order prescriptions
  • Our Customer Service Representative will assist you with completing the form and will forward all necessary information to the mail order vendor (Kroger) on your behalf. Please ensure you have the following information available during the call:
    • Name and strength of medication(s)
    • Pharmacy name and number
    • Prescription number
    • Primary care physician name and number
    • Information as to how you would like to be contacted (email, text, phone)
  • Customer Service will follow up with you to track delivery and receipt of medications

Kroger Mail Order option 2 : Mailing the form to the vendor

  • Members can download the Kroger mail order form here and mail the completed form directly to Kroger (PPS)
  • Members may also contact Customer Services at 1-866-946-4458 and request a form be mailed to you