This Mail Service Enrollment Form is only necessary for:

  • first time orders, including dependents who have been added since the last order, or
  • changing current information.

To start your Mail Service Benefit, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enroll

Complete the mail order enrollment form. Click here

Step 2: Fill Your Prescription

Mail the original prescription to Birdi with your enrollment form, or have your health care provider send the prescription directly to Birdi. Your provider can send the prescription to Birdi through the following options:

  • Provider E-prescribes to Birdi
  • Provider Faxes: 1-877-395-4836
  • Provider Calls: 1-877-269-1159
  • Patient Mails Paper Prescription: P.O. Box 8004, Novi, MI 48376-8004

Step 3: Complete Payment

Make your copayment by phone at 1-888-240-2211 or by mail. Birdi accepts major credit cards and checks.

How to Order REFILLS:


Phone 1-888-240-2211 (24 hour automated phone line)

Refill orders should be placed two weeks prior to when the medication will be needed.

Birdi will fill your order with an FDA-approved equivalent generic, unless otherwise indicated by your prescriber. FDA-approved generic drugs contain the same active ingredients and come in the same dosage forms as their brand-name counterparts, and must meet comparable safety, production and performance standards.

Your prescription order will be shipped using US Mail. Some items may be shipped by expedited courier. Refrigerated items are shipped in accordance with FDA and manufacturers’ specifications. For your security, some controlled substances may require a signature at delivery.

Prescriptions cannot legally be mailed from a mail order pharmacy (or any other pharmacy operating within the United States) to locations outside of the United States.

Birdi Pharmacy Services, P.O. Box 8004, Novi, MI 48376-8004