What Makes Zing’s Coverage Better?

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What Makes Zing’s Coverage Better?

Some of the features that make Zing Health stand out from the crowded Medicare Advantage field include:

Competitive MOOP's
  • $0 Premiums (all plans).
  • Select PPO plan MOOP will be the same in-network and out-of-network.
  • D-SNPs will have LIS premium, but member premium will be subsidized by their LIS.
$0 Premiums (all plans).
  • Removal of $25 premium plans from previous portfolio.
  • D-SNPs will have LIS premium, but member premium will be subsidized by their LIS.
PPO Cost Share Parity
  • All PPO Plans will offer in-network and out-of-network cost share parity for all plans in all markets.
  • Currently there are very few other PPO plans with matching cost share parity.
Food/Utility Benefits
  • Disproportionally investing in food and utility flexible purse.
  • Utility benefits offered to most of Zing's targeted populations.
C-SNP Enhancements
  • Robust monthly allowance for health food, utilities and/or OTC.
  • Part D T6 formulary with $0 copay for key C-SNP related drugs.
  • Lower SPC copays for C-SNP specific specialists.
  • New chronic meals benefit allowing for additional health meals.
Allowance improvements
  • Very competitive allowance for Flex cards for all plans.
  • Combined flexible benefit allowance for SDOH needs (general enrollment plans.)

Where is Zing Health Available?

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How Does Selling Zing Health Benefit You?

Zing Health provides a competitive compensation package including:

How Can I Become a Zing Health Broker?

Brokers can contract directly with Zing Health or through an FMO. Send an email [email protected] to find out more or to request broker resources. You can also call our Customer Service team at 1-866-946-4458 or fill out the form at right.

I want to receive information about local events and health tips
Broker Quick Resource Center
Zing Health logo icon

Fax: 1-855-946-4458or1-312-809-9404

Broker Support Email:[email protected]

Customer Service: 1-866-946-4458

Compliance Hotline: 1-844-919-4458

Compliance Reporting: 1-844-919-4458

Website: https://mycompliancereport.com

Broker Support Online: https://myzinghealth.com/broker

Broker Support Phone Number: 1-844-946-4226

Broker Support Service Hours: 8:00AM CST -5:00PM
CST Monday - Friday

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Liberty Dental (dental benefits): 1-866-946-4458

EyeMed (vision benefits): 1-866-946-4458

NationsHearing (hearing benefits): 1-877-391-8637

Silver&Fit (fitness benefits): 1-877-427-4788

Elixir (pharmacy benefits): 1-866-946-4458

MD Live (telehealth benefits): 1-800-657-6169

24/7 Nurse Advice Line: 1-855-494-6877

Papa (in-home support benefits): 1-866-946-4458

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Collect LeadsDownload a print-ready contact card to collect information from beneficiaries interested in learning more about Zing Health.

Confirm Scope of Appointment For field agents who are engaging with the beneficiary in person, a paper SOA should be obtained from the beneficiary. All telephonic sales are required to be recorded in its entirety including the SOA.
Paper SOA Confirmation Form

File an Event You may participate in approved educational or sales events on Zing’s behalf. Just fill out a participation agreement and fax it to 1-855-946-4458 or 312-809-9404.

Disclose Plan Benefits and Costs

All Zing plans offer comparable benefits to each other, covering everything Medicare Parts A, B, and D do, plus many extra benefits tailored to the needs of the communities we serve, all while reducing out of pocket costs for our members.

Locate Participating Providers

The Zing provider network grows each day. Help your clients see if their current providers are in the network or help them locate new providers.

Conduct a NEADS Analysis


What type of health coverage do you have now?


What do you enjoy about your current health coverage?


What would you like to consider changing or altering about your current coverage?


Do you make all your own healthcare decisions, or is there someone else who is the decision-maker?

S=Summarize and Solution

In summary, what I am hearing you say is … Is that correct? The solutions I recommend for your needs are …

Confirm Book of Business

Make sure enrollment is complete (takes 2-4 days) and track payment, balances,
and other broker successes on your very own Zing Health commission portal.

Sales Quality Incentive Program

Incentivizing for quality sales initiatives can increase retention and creates a
simplified transition to care.

Quality Incentive How Why Outcome
Health Risk
Completed via
Ascend or external
site up to 30
days after the sale
Provides insight into a
new member’s health
status and allows for
faster streamlined care
Better care
transition resulting in
member retention
Annual Wellness Visit Completed via
Medigence Portal
120 days after the enrollment effective date
Promotes proactive
preventative care
Member begins
accessing streamlined
benefits sooner and
keeps members
healthier longer
Why This Matters To An
Increased retention rate amongst members who complete an HRA and utilize
plan benefits within the first 90 days of enrollment
  • External field brokers may submit a HRA via the ascend enrollment platform directly after an enrollment OR if utilizing another enrollment method, using the stand alone HRA URL.
  • Telesales brokers may use the stand alone HRA URL after the enrollment.
  • Ascend Standalone HRA
  • HRA should be completed no later than 30 days after the sale.
Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)
  • External field and telesales brokers will be compensated upon the completion of a scheduled AWV that occurs either telephonically or in a face-to- face visit when using the Zing Health scheduling tool (Medigence).
  • The scheduled visit must occur within 120 days of the member effective date.
  • Only Non-Value Based Care members will be eligible for payment of administrative fee.
  • To Request Access to the scheduling tool click the link below:Annual Wellness Visit Agent Activation