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2024 Zing Health Benefit Card Services

For a list of:

Items available for your specific plan, please visit the Zing Health Member Documents site page and input your state, county, plan name, and language, and reference the Mail Order Over-the-Counter Items Catalog OTC), Mail Order Food Catalog or a general listing of products available at retail locations.

Participating retailers where you can use your debit card, select Search for Food and OTC Merchant, or download the OTC & Food Merchant Directory for your state, and review locations available in your preferred location.


The benefits card can be used at participating merchants outside of the Zing coverage area.

Utilizing Your Card

MA Reimbursement Request Form.
Claims, for eligible OTC and / or food purchases that were purchased via a form of payment other than the benefits card, can be submitted via the mobile app, through the member portal or by mail along with a completed MA Reimbursement Request Form.

Activation is done automatically, and your card is ready for use when you receive it in the mail.

IMPORTANT! When using your card, ensure to select the credit option at time of payment – you do not need to input a pin to complete the transaction.

Cards are automatically activated and ready for use upon receipt. Card balance can be checked by any of the following options Zing member resources:

NOTE: Monthly and quarterly allowances (where applicable) will be loaded onto the debit card on the 1st of every period accordingly. The allowance does not roll over to the next benefit period.

Purchases can be made at many merchants including pharmacies, supermarkets, discount stores, etc. and can also be used to order items for home delivery. Home delivery may be requested by calling Customer Service.

NOTE: The prepaid debit card can only be used to purchase eligible items and will apply towards your Plan’s appropriate benefit allowance.