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Relationships matter to us. That’s why we create personal care plans designed for you by people you can trust.
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Zing Health vs.
Original Medicare

  • Out of pocket Cost Limit iconOut-of-pocket Cost Limit
  • Virtual Enrollments iconVirtual Enrollments
  • Fitness & Weight Management iconFitness & Weight Management
  • Part D Drug Coverage                               iconPart D Drug Coverage
  • Dentist, Hearing, Vision iconDentist, Hearing, Vision
  • 24/7 Telehealth Service icon24/7 Telehealth Service

Zing Health

Original Medicare

Group of happy doctors and nurses here to help you

Friendly, honest and
here to help.

Are you ready to enroll, but have questions? Give us a call and our team will gladly resolve any confusion or answer any questions you have.

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OptimiZing Your Health

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Count on Zing Health
to have you covered.

Our plans have you covered for the long haul. We bundle prescription drug coverage, surgery, plus many extra care features that evolve with your health needs. Feel safe knowing there’s no risk and no unexpected medical costs.

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Low Out-of-pocket Costs

Zing keeps members’ costs down by charging no or low additional premium, requiring no deductible, and offering the protection of a low annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Zero-dollar copay icon
$0 Copay for Many Services

There is no cost for primary care or TeleHealth visits, dental or eye exams, preventive screenings, immunizations, and other routine services.

Provider network icon
Robust Provider Network

You have the freedom to choose the provider that's just right for you from our robust and growing network.

Enhanced part d prescription icon
Enhanced Part D

Get your medication fast! Zing Health Medicare plans cover Part D prescription drugs and include no-cost home delivery for our members.

World emergency care icon
Worldwide Emergency Care

Got big life plans? Take our benefits and emergency coverage with you wherever you go regionally, nationally, or even globally.

See how our benefits are helping members.

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A healthy community grows
together and achieves more.

Our holistic approach to delivering total health includes $0 wellness programs and access to the best community health experts.

Health care when and where you need it.

Nurses are available by phone 24/7 at no charge. Need to see a doctor but don't want to leave home? TeleHealth services let you have a doctor visit over your smartphone, tablet, or computer for $0 copay.

Helping you get where you're going.

Never be late for a doctor's appointment with no-cost transportation. Membership includes 24 one-way trips to medical visits.

Listen, we even cover
your hearing aid costs.

We heard what matters to our members. That's why we offer a $0 yearly fitting and low copays on name-brand and private label hearing devices.

Keep an eye on the prize
with our vision benefits.

All Zing Health plans include vision benefits including annual eye exams plus an allowance toward glasses or contact lenses.

Get access to these amazing benefits.

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Find Out What Your Prescriptions Will Cost

Choose a plan and enter the prescription medications you take in our interactive drug cost calculator. The online tool calculates your anticipated monthly and annual prescription drug costs and maps pharmacies near you.

Use Our Drug Cost Calculator

Mail Order Pharmacy

You can get 30-day or 90-day supplies of medications you take regularly in the mail, from your choice of two mail order partners.

How to order from Elixir

Robust provider access iconRobust Provider

You have the freedom to choose the provider that's just right from you from our robust and growing network. Search our directory.

Find yours today.  
Zing Health plans reduce health care expenses and eliminate financial surprises for you by eliminating deductibles, lowering copayments (including $0 copays for many services), capping out of pocket medical cost maximums, and charging no or low additional monthly premiums.
You can live-chat with a virtual TeleHealth provider using your computer, tablet, or smartphone at no extra cost. We also cover mail-order pharmacy medications and all members have 24/7 access to our nurse hotline.
Our network of doctors and nurses are all high quality caregivers. We have removed many barriers for you accessing care, from cardiologists to oncologists. Our website has an easy search for you to find your doctor. More comfortable on the phone? We have customer service representatives ready to answer your questions.
Friendly, honest and here to help. You can give us a call and our team will gladly solve any confusion or answer any questions you may have. You can also find the documents here online.
Visit our blog for health and wellness information you can use to live an amaZing life. Visit our News & Events page for the latest news about Zing Health and live and virtual events that are open to the public. While you are there, sign up to receive emails when new information is posted on either site.
Yes, you are covered for urgent and emergency visits. With a low copay for Urgent Care services, you are able to visit a doctor or nurse as you travel throughout the US. In the event you need Emergency Care, you are covered. For all other services, call Zing Health for authorization.

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Ready to become a Zing Health member?

Find the right plan.